Boss Outfitting

Boss Outfitting offers you the hunting adventure of a lifetime.

Treat yourself to the hunt of a lifetime in remote northern Alberta, Canada. Join our team in persuit of your trophy black bear.


"Best hunt I’ve ever been on. Had a blast...5 hunters in camp 10 big bears taken. Lots of good food too.”


HUNT FROM MAY 11th to JUNE 1st*

We still have a few prime bear hunting spots available. At this point we can accommodate a small group of hunters or some additional singles.

  • 2 Bears per hunter - WOLF LICENSE INCLUDED
  • Average 6’9” nose to tail
  • 65% Pope and Young in 2013
  • Multiple baits and sites available for each hunter
  • Spot and stalk/baited hunting

​We're looking forward to a successful spring hunt. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me for details



We are a small operation focused on quality hunts. We take pride in our excellent success rate and trophy quality.

Our hunt takes place in northern Alberta. It’s as remote as it gets without a fly in camp. The area is prime bear habitat and continues to produce huge bears thanks to excellent genetics, forage base, population age structure and most importantly many tasty, tasty beavers for the bears to eat.

We hope you can join us this May, 2014 for an amazing hunt. Also taking advance bookings for 2015.

Be part of out team as we roam the vast Alberta wilderness in search of your monster black bear. We do all we can to get a giant in front of you - it happens every year!!!! That’s the exciting part about hunting here. You never quite know what might come strolling by!

"Our goal is 7’ bears … But don’t be surprised if he happens to be way bigger."

- Terance Boss, Owner & operator of Boss Outfitting

My guides and I are proud of what we do and we work hard to make your hunt a success. Being in business since 2001, we have the experience to make it happen, but we aren’t too proud to say we learn something new every year. That’s what hunting is all about. Our camp is a team atmosphere, all the guides work to together to get our clients on bears…. Not just bears but BIG bears. If hunting is slow, we all work together to break out of the slump, and when it’s good we all enjoy the victory of bringing 400+ lb bears into camp.


*If you have kids that are graduating that would like to come hunting, please contact me as I can accommodate later dates if necessary.